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Reply to the Fakers (reply)
The VFJ website overall specializes in taking on the system and beating down the status quo for a VA claims system that is corrupt, broken, and serves nobody at all except the crony few who sucks beer after work with the pinheads who...
VA Disability Claims (General)


04/24/11 18:21:23
A Reply to NavyChief (reply)
There is NO good information at all here and from what I can tell, it is one big Liars club of disenfranchised KookBalls.Now about my title, I am on a first name basis with the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee as theface of...
VA Disability Claims (General)


04/24/11 13:24:15
Here is The Official Fort McClellan Reporting Website (reply)
The Fort McClellan legislation project is reported on continuously at the Forum page of Vets For Justice. Everything you need for your VA disability claims for Fort McClellan service is posted here including all of my Washington trip...
VA Disability Claims (General)


04/24/11 02:58:49
I only answer questions regarding complaints, technical issues etc. I do not reply to claims or personal questions. Thanks.