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Should I file for P&T? (topic)
I was medically retired at 100% and placed on the TDRL. I receive 100% from the VA. In August, I was reevaluated by the Army and was placed on PDRL with a 100% rating that stated that I am also unemployable. Should I submit this new...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


11/18/16 22:02:54
Unique 100% question (topic)
I'm trying to find out something that I have seen no info for on any VA or VA related website:   I am at a normally combined disability rating of 90%, however I am being paid at the 100% rate for TDIU P&T.   I was rated TDIU...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


10/18/16 19:36:00
90 schedular, 100 P&T IU (topic)
Hello. I am rated 90% scheduler, all S/C. Recently I was awarded 100% P&T for IU.  My question is, with the 100% for IU do I qualify for eye and dental care thru the VA, or does the 90% scheduler preclude that?Thank you for any...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


02/23/15 03:49:25
Awarded 100%, Have a question (topic)
I just got a official award letter from VA that I am 100% (with 70% for severe depression disorder) and got a DAV letter saying the same thing but in the DAV letter it stated that I am P&T but not in the award letter. The award...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


12/26/14 15:37:17
Private Life Insurance (topic)
I have to start off by saying that everyone here in the forum has been very helpful and giving of advice and knowledge...much appreciated!Recently I have been determined 100% P&T, and among other things, I'm a little confused about...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


08/12/13 16:50:58
Is it Worth Requesting Higher rates after being granted 100% P & T? (topic)
Hi everyone.My question is:  It is worth it to send back to VA a detail "NOD" pointing out medical evidence on conditions that were rated at lower percentages asking for higher percentages, after already having an overall 100% P &...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


05/29/13 19:50:47
100% Permanent and Total (topic)
For the last year or so I have been on 100% Individual Unemployability due to ptsd and TBI that I have from combat tours during OIF 3-6.  I recently received a letter from the VA stating I was being given 100% complete and total...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


02/24/11 04:38:25
Fraudulent Enlistment After 100% P&T Service Connected (topic)
Can someone with a 100% service connected P&T rating lose their VA disability compensation if a pre-existing medical condition unrelated to the service connection surfaces that the veteran didn't mention when he or she enlisted? I read...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


02/15/11 09:20:57
TWO 100 % Schedular awards rate what SMC (topic)
Veteran has  100%  disability P&T   for PTSDVeteran has  100% disability P&T  for Service Connected heart diseaseVeteran has  0% for hearing lossVeteran has 10% for leg wound scarVeteran has 10%...
P&T - Permanent & Total Disability


05/04/10 05:38:27
I only answer questions regarding complaints, technical issues etc. I do not reply to claims or personal questions. Thanks.